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Click on an equine painting for a larger view of the art in a new window.  All art is available for purchase as reproductions on canvas or paper.  

Sinfonie 2005 Foal of the year in Germany- Equine art    Aida and Sinfonie mother and foal- Equine art    Stedinger, stallion of the year in Germany 2005- Equine Art

"Nina Gitana" Equine portrait by horse artist Franzi Pfeiffer.

"Aize" Portrait of a Friesian            "Piaffe" dressage horse painting by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer

 "Portrait of a Chestnut" horse art            "Portrait of a Grey" horse portrait by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer

"On Show" horses at dressage competition by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer           

half pass dressage art "Legs"           

            "Cookie" horse jumping

  "Pas de Deux" Equestrian art            freisian horse art

"On Trot" Equestrian painting of trotting horse by Franzi Pfeiffer.            "Extended Trot" dressage art by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer

bay horse            pinto, paint horse

"Augustus" equine portrait of a gray horse by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer            "Tango" Horse painting of a Black Stallion by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer      

"Nikka" full bodied horse portrait by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer            Trio of dessage horses performing a Piaffe by equine artist Franzi Pfeiffer        

Passage a Deux Dressage Horse Art


"Dressur in Amerika" dressage poster with dressage training scale.                     Link to equestrian art gifts: riding clothing, and art on gift items Visit our gift shop

Although items may be purchased in our gift shop, art reproductions are only available on our order page.

  All equestrian art, horse portraits, and dressage paintings are copyright of the artist and may not be reproduced in any media without consent of the artist.

All equestrian art, photographs, horse paintings and horse art are strictly copyrighted by the artist 2006

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